Save Mount Leinster

from an industrial wind farm proposal

22nd May 2023 FuturEnergy Ireland/Coillte granted leave for Judicial Review and move the case to the Commercial and SID (Strategic Infrastructure Development) court. The next listing is 12th June 2023.

May 2023 “FuturEnergy Ireland have lodged a judicial review application against An Bord Pleanála regarding its recent planning refusal on the Croaghaun Wind Farm project. We understand all 3rd party appellants will be provided with a full statement of grounds in due course as part of this process. We won’t be able to comment further on this while the proceedings are active”. From FuturEnergy Ireland

9th March 2023 – letter received from ABP who REFUSE PERMISSION to Coillte CGA, based on the following: ‘Notwithstanding the general planning policy support for wind energy generation at national , regional and local policy level including Objective WE 01 of the Carlow County Development Plan 2022-2028, which seeks to increase the penetration of wind energy generation in County Carlow at appropriate locations and scale and subject to compliance with proper planning and environmental considerations, in relation to the specific appeal site location, Policy WE P4 of the plan states that wind farm development will not normally be permissible in the Uplands Landscape Type identified in the Carlow County Landscape Character Assessment. The proposed development would be sited on lands that are located within the designated Blackstairs and Mount Leinster Uplands Character Area and it is therefore within an area where wind farm development is not normally permissible. Accordingly, it is considered that the proposed development would materially contravene Policy WE P4 of the development plan and would, therefore, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable development of the area”.


An Bord Pleanála have requested further information from Coillte – date extended to 2nd Feb 2022.

Deadline for receipt of letter to ABP is 5.30PM on Wed 27th July 2022 appeals@pleanala.ie  quoting ref no. ABP -309937-21 (this refers to anyone who has made a submission to ABP and has received information in relation to the further information requested by ABP by Coillte). Contact SML if you wish to receive advice on this matter.

On 16th August An Bord Pleanála wrote to all who made an observation informing us that they ‘intend to determine the appeal before 11th October 2021’.

Carlow Co Co Draft County Development Plan 2022-2028 which can be viewed here.

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who made an Observation to An Bord Pleanála – 142 have been received.

Here is the file on An Bord Pleanála website – which will direct you to the Carlow Co Co website and the file no 2113 with all the relevant scanned files. Details of the appeal to ABP can be found on the Coillte website.

We are now in Round 2 – the Appeal to An Bord Pleanála. Please continue to support our Save Mount Leinster campaign.

Please support the ‘Save Mount Leinster’ our Go Fund Me – every €20 will help – and share with your friends and family.

Round 1 – Carlow Co Co made their decision on 18th March 2021 and they REFUSED planning for this proposed development. To read the reasons for the refusal please see our FAQ page.

THANK YOU to everyone who submitted an objection (Round 1) to Carlow Co Co by Thursday 25th February 2021. There were 293 submissions. A fantastic response from individuals, families and associations in the community, national organisations as well as statutory bodies. These are available to view online at the Carlow Co Co planning website – ref 2113.

The people who live in the Blackstairs

and love Mount Leinster, wish to protect this special wild place from industrialisation. Coillte proposes to build 7 colossal wind turbines on the slopes of Mount Leinster adjacent to a Special Area of Conservation. With a proposed height of 178m, this scale is normally placed offshore. There has been inadequate public consultation about this wind farm proposal and the majority of the local community have been unaware of it. Have a look at proposal and the Coillte windfarm proposal here and visit their virtual tour which includes a photomontage of the proposal.

YouTube video – watch Niall Toner, Musician and Broadcaster talk about his love of the area.


If you wish to show your concern for this proposed industrial wind farm on the shoulder of Mount Leinster in the Blackstairs Mountains, less than 18metres from the SAC (special area of conservation), please sign our UPLIFT petition here. Over 3,200 people have already signed this, started in Dec 2020. Contact your public representatives and let them know you wish to see this special area protected. If you are from County Carlow – here are your elected representatives. Let them know of your concerns. Here are the local TDs and Senator in the Carlow-Kilkenny area.


what has been happening…


That even in Covid-19 pandemic times, your voice is important and the Aarhus Convention has made a statement that supports your rights to participate in decision-making and Environmental matters – read more here about your rights during Covid-19 under the Aarhus Convention.

Cover photo by Agnieszka Stepien (SI WA)

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